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Personalized Skin Treatment Options
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Personalized Skin Treatment Options

Every woman wants to look her best self 24/7.  Sadly, that is neither practical nor possible. Some people are blessed with perfect skin, but most women work hard to achieve even just acceptable results. Fortunately, thanks to great advances in techniques and products in the skin rejuvenation domain, there are myriad options for achieving the most radiant, glowing, firm and beautiful skin.

In the face of so many options and promises, educating patients on what is best for them and their skin type helps them make the informed choice for their best self.  Today, we’ll discuss three options for treating skin issues that affect so many women.

PICO Genesis® (PG)

This is a laser treatment to improve the appearance of unwanted freckles, sun spots and age spots gently and predictably.  It uses laser light to selectively shatter unwanted pigmentation and remodel the upper layer of the skin to return balance, clearance and radiance in a series of 2-3 treatments. After your initial series, further treatments to maintain your results are required. There is no downtown.

Laser Genesis
and Microneedling.

They both work in a similar fashion as they both stimulate natural processes such as collagen building to promote vibrant and healthy looking skin. You can have a more youthful appearance by treating conditions such as aging, fine wrinkles, sun damage as well as acne scars, and rosacea. It has little to no down time and works best for rosacea, active acne, and facial redness.

Microneedling has a down time of about 24 hours and works best for sun damage, acne scars, enlarged pores and fine wrinkles. Many patients begin to see results within the first few days after their initial treatment. Results will continue to become visible over the next few months as your skin continues to heal. For more problematic skin, three or more sessions may be required.

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