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New Year, New Do!
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New Year, New Do!

New Year, New Do!

It’s a New Year and some of you want a new look! But do you know what to change? When it comes to your hair color or haircut, it makes a difference in your overall image. Here’s some advice to assist you in stepping up your game on your new do, starting off by letting your hair speak for itself, understanding the best inspiration picture of a haircut, finding the right stylist for you, and maintaining your new look.

Find an inspiration picture of a haircut and style you want. But keep your hair type in mind; straight, wavy, curly, or a combination. Then consider the texture of your hair (coarse, medium, or fine), as well as the color of your hair, to have a better idea of how it would accent your new cut. Finally the last two: consider your face shape, and the length of your neck. These two are important because they can change the outcome of how the haircut will look based on your upper body type.

Then find a stylist that would best fit you. Do your research. Most stylists have a professional Instagram, letting you check out their past work. Once you find one, it is perfectly fine to ask for their potential price so you have a good idea how much you are investing in your new look.

Now that you found a stylist and you’re sitting in their chair, show your inspiration picture and mention what you like about it and what you don’t like. Letting your stylist know your do’s and don’t’s really helps them understand what exactly you’re looking for and helps them avoid making any snips that you won’t like, because let’s be real, there’s no going back once that hair hits the ground.

Maintain your new look. Always ask your stylists how to maintain your new hairstyle and what products they suggest to help maintain/recreate the style you’re leaving the salon with. Your stylist should also tell you when to come back for a touch-up so you can book ahead. Whatever your stylist recommends, it will surely help you out.

I hope these tips and tricks help you choose your new look for the New Year.

Article written by Sigrid Maruyama, Hairstylist

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