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Camilla C Hersh, MD
New Laser Procedure Restores Gynecologic Health
Virginia Women's Health Associates
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New Laser Procedure Restores Gynecologic Health

Many women are faced with the need to resolve gynecologic health issues often caused by menopause.  In 2010, there were approximately 64 million postmenapausal women and many of them may experience gynecologic health changes when estrogen levels decline.  In addition, there are approximately 250 thousand breast cancer diagnoses per year, but the disease has a survival rate of nearly 90% at five years.  That adds up to a large portion of our population likely suffering in silence from a wide array of gynecologic health concerns, many of which can greatly impact a woman’s quality of life.

Enter MonaLisa Touch®, the most recent innovation introduced by Cynosure®, a worldwide leader in surgical, medical and aesthetic pulsed-light and laser devices.  Performed in an office environment, without the need for anesthesia and with virtually no pain or side effects, this new procedure delivers fractional CO2 laser energy to the vaginal wall tissue so cells make more collagen. Patients undergo three treatments spaced six weeks apart, and each treatment time is less than five minutes.

Recent studies show that patients treated with the MonaLisa Touch laser showed highly statistically significant improvement in the vaginal tissue after the first treatment. Patients in the studies experienced minimal to no side effects or adverse reactions and showed an escalation of progress with each subsequent treatment. With these kinds of outcomes, this is a game-changing procedure for post-menopausal patients.

MonaLisa Touch is a real breakthrough for feminine health. It offers a quick and virtually painless remedy for a medical condition with a large unmet need for an effective treatment option. Women and doctors are grateful to have this treatment available.

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