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How To Pick the Perfect False Lashes
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How To Pick the Perfect False Lashes

How To Pick the Perfect False Lashes

A pair of false lashes can instantly make your eyes bigger and brighter. Despite this major payoff, with all of the different length and shape options, it can be daunting finding a pair that’s just right. There are strip lashes that come in one big cluster and individual lashes that are 3-5 lash fibers. Individual lashes are great for a very natural look. They are also great for customizing and creating glamorous fluffy lashes for the perfect look.

If you have round eyes, choose a lash that is more wispy or has a short to long winged shape. By applying this type of lash it will help create a longer more cat eye shape.

For a hooded eye, opt for a false lash that tapers at each end and features the longest lashes at the center of the strip. This will draw all the attention inward, creating the illusion of depth.

Those of you with almond eyes have a wide variety of lash types to choose from that will work with your eye shape. Picking a lash that strategically crisscrosses for a naturally voluminous effect.

If you struggle with applying them, get yourself a pair of tweezers and a magnifying mirror. Apply a thin coat of lash adhesive on the lash band. Once it is on let it sit for about ten seconds, or when the adhesive starts to get tacky. Once that happens you are ready to apply. Hold your mirror below your eye where you can see your natural lash line. Simply use your tweezers and sit the false lash on top of you own and attach to your outer corner first then the inner corner of your eye. Gently push them up with your finger and you’re done. Don’t be afraid to be a little bold and try different brands and eye shadow looks.

Written by Mayra Macias, Creative Stylist at Alya Salon & Spa

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