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Don J. Fontana, MD, PA
Fat Transfer Is Fabulous
Don Fontana, MD

Fat Transfer Is Fabulous

When in a woman's life has the presence of fat in the body been a desired feature? Reducing the amount of fat in the body is a billion dollar industry.

Specialized diets, diet pills, injections, reducing compression clothing, surgery including liposuction and fat freezing have been used to remove or reduce localized areas of fat in the human body.

But, when is the loss of fat undesirable to a woman's appearance and who is likely to experience loss of body and facial fat? The answer is simple.

Every adult female and male after the age of 35 begins to lose facial volume due to the natural atrophy of facial fat. This is a slow progressive process that becomes conspicuous in the post-menopausal woman. The result is a generalized thinning of the face, facial skin sagging, jowls and a less youthful appearance.

Just think about a friend who is overweight. Their face is more youthful looking because they have not lost enough fat to produce sagging or a gaunt appearance.

A second area of concern to many women is the buttock.

The classic Rubenesque figure shows full, round firm buttocks; a shape that is seen in every bathing suit model. There are very few women who have this figure who are not overweight.

Okay, so now we know where in the female body fat is undesirable and where in the female body extra fat enhances appearance. The logical next step is to take fat from the areas where it is undesirable and transfer it to areas where it is needed that is a procedure known as fat transfer. It is a win-win procedure.

Areas of excess fat are liposuctioned, thus reducing the unwanted fat and then transferred to either the face or buttock. When it is placed in the buttock, it is known as the ” Brazilian butt lift.” When placed in the face it is the patient's own substitute for facial fillers.

When the fat “takes,” it is permanent. The most favorable area for fat transfer is the face. Results are also impressive in the buttocks and some plastic surgeons use fat grafting in the breast for a very modest breast enlargement.

When fat grafting the face, fat is “harvested” most commonly from the abdomen since usually only a small amount is needed. If the patient chooses the buttock, fat is taken from the abdomen, flanks, lower and upper back and sometimes from the upper arms and injected carefully in the buttock.

The result can be impressive. If you are a woman who desires more fullness in the buttocks and a more youthful facial appearance, consider fat transfer. See a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation for full details.

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