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Eva Swersey
Endermologie's Holiday Gift of Rejuvenation
Body Elements, LLC

Endermologie's Holiday Gift of Rejuvenation

With the holidays in full swing and your dedicated workout regimen little more than a fond memory from fall, isnt it time to treat yourself? Whether youre looking to jump-start your energy, recover from a nagging injury, or simply look and feel great as we head into Christmas and the New Year, a little me-time can be just what your body and soul need in the hectic days of December.

While you can run and lift weights all day, there are other avenues available to rejuvenate yourself. For starters, the non-invasive massage-based technology called Endermologie is one option.

Whether youre a woman looking to slim your legs, thighs or buttocks while reducing the appearance of cellulite, or a man wanting a smaller waist and a more defined body, Endermologie can assist you to meet these goals. Whats more, most anyone can benefit from it people who work out, people who dont, weekend warriors, and even professional and scholarship-level athletes.

The technology was originally introduced as a treatment for reducing cellulite and is the first patented process cleared by the FDA as a therapeutic massage technique to do so. Since its inception it has evolved beyond cosmetic and energy benefits toward overall wellness athletes can recover from injuries more quickly, and improve power, performance and workout results; it also can help many people seeking increased energy, vitality and overall flexibility. Every treatment is provided by a trained, certified technician.

One of the key benefits is to increase the bodys metabolism, in some cases by more than 400 percent. That, in turn, can help the body eliminate fatty deposits, which can lead to a smoother, more toned body. It feels similar to a deep-tissue sports massage. So not only does a treatment feel great and relax the body, it provides visible results after a series of treatments.

For women, cellulite is a common concern. The term describes superficial pockets of trapped fat that cause uneven dimpling on the skins surface. It appears in 90 percent of post-adolescent females and is rarely seen in men. Men have a different problem they typically store their fat around the waist, and in a different way, resulting in love handles and the dreaded beer belly. Endermologie can help them, too, by breaking down the fat cells and distributing them back into the body for elimination. A series of massages, combined with exercise, a balanced diet and plenty of water produce the best long-term results.

By increasing body circulation, it helps burn fat and can lead to a more contoured body appearance for both women and men. The circulation boost also improves post-workout muscle recovery time for more serious athletes.

So relax. While it may be the season to give its possible the best gift youll receive all year might be the gift of rejuvenation for yourself that, and to feel and look better during the holiday season.

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