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Michael Chiaramonte, MD, FACS
Cosmetic Surgery That Celebrates Your Ethnicity
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Cosmetic Surgery That Celebrates Your Ethnicity

Cosmetic Surgery That Celebrates Your Ethnicity

Enhancing appearance through cosmetic surgery transcends age and ethnic backgrounds. Years ago people had valid concerns about changes that might negatively impact their ethnic heritage. Fortunately today there are many options for all ethnicities due to advances in technology and the expert skills of cosmetic surgeons with vast experience in treating patients with diverse cultural backgrounds. Cosmetic surgery can refine features, correct disharmonies, and reduce the signs of aging for all ethnic groups.
An expert cosmetic surgeon does not use one standard of beauty; instead, the objective is to help you look your best by harmonizing the cultural and ethnic characteristics that make you “uniquely you.”
There are innate variances of skin texture and internal support structures among various races that a cosmetic surgeon must take into consideration for any type of surgery, resurfacing, or skin peeling. Coloration and texture of skin are two such important considerations. A cosmetic surgeon experienced with ethnic esthetics will take into account your skin type and anatomy and tailor a treatment plan to your unique needs. A one-size-fits-all approach is certainly not appropriate.
The outcome of your procedure may be affected by such factors as the thickness of your skin, the amount of oil it contains, the degree of pigmentation, and the quality of underlying cartilage all of which will be taken into consideration when developing an optimal treatment plan for you.
Below are some skin types, with their associated benefits and characteristics, that your cosmetic surgeon will consider

African-American complexion

Benefits Signs of aging appear very late; fine wrinkling typically does not occur; skin cancers are very rare; post-operative swelling is minimal.
Characteristics Formation of keloids is possible; dark or light pigmentation changes may occur; thicker cartilage is not easily adjusted.

Fair, blonde complexion

Benefits Skin is relatively thin and handles easily; scars tend to be narrow and nearly invisible.
Characteristics Signs of aging appear early; fine, deep wrinkles may be difficult to remove entirely; initial bruising is more obvious than in darker skinned individuals.

Oily, olive, dark complexion

Benefits Signs of aging appear later; skin cancers are very rare.
Characteristics Darker, thicker scars are more common; cartilage tends to droop and is resistant to change; post-operative swelling and oiliness may be prolonged.

Asian complexion

Benefits Signs of aging appear late; fine wrinkling typically does not occur.
Characteristics Low nasal bridge may require correction; additional surgical steps are needed to create an eyelid crease
Today, cosmetic surgery harmonizes, even celebrates, your ethnicity. To learn more about procedures that are best for the ethnic characteristics that make you the unique and special person that you are, contact a cosmetic surgeon for personal consultation.

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