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Olivier Pelletier, LMT, NCTMB
CORE Somatic Therapies
Core Bodywork at The Restorative Health

CORE Somatic Therapies

CORE somatic therapies consist of CORE myofascial therapy, a multi-phase system of deep tissue massage, and 10 region-specific sessions of CORE structural integration. Both focus on the relationships between the structure and function of the muscular (myo) and connective tissue (fascial) systems, while releasing chronic pain and tension and improving balance and posture.
Clients can expect improved flexibility and breathing, ease and efficiency of movement, heightened physical awareness, optimal sports performance, and increased self-reliance.
How is CORE somatic therapy different from a regular deep tissue massage? The answer is that the pressure that the therapist applies is not necessarily the most important consideration. The key here for a successful outcome are the techniques utilized. A lot of spreading and stretching techniques with very little lubricant focusing on the fascia (tissue enveloping muscle) rather than on the muscles as in regular massage therapy. Pressure is adjusted depending on the level of sensitivity of the client.
CORE somatic therapies are client centered. Clients learn educational strategies that support long-range improvements in structure and function. CORE somatic therapies also support personal and professional growth, while helping maintain a high level of wellness.

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