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Holly Guard Mayher, DDS
Advances In Cosmetic Dentistry
Dennis W. Guard, DDS, FAGD and Holly V. Guard-Mayher, DDS
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Advances In Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way in the past few years. Due to advances in products and materials, a dental patient has more choices in obtaining a beautiful and healthy smile.
Teeth bleaching used to be a lengthy process involving bleaching trays that the patient would take home and wear. The bleaching gel had to be in place up to an hour each day for about a week. Now, the same results can be obtained in about an hour in the dental chair!The bleaching gel is applied to the teeth after the gums and cheeks are isolated. A special light is placed over the teeth and is used to enhance the bleaching process. There is no frustration to determine how much gel should be applied and which areas of the teeth to apply it. These were the common concerns of patients with the take-home bleaching trays. This all takes place while the patient is relaxing in the chair and the gel is professionally applied.
Crooked lower teeth were tolerated by many adults mainly because they didnt want to go through the aggravation and look of metal braces. Now, special trays can be made of clear plastic and fit over the teeth. They slowly move the teeth into their proper position. The trays are changed every two weeks and are almost impossible to see once they are in place in the mouth. Patients find this much easier and feel less self-conscious during their tooth movement process. In many instances, this has become a popular alternative to metal braces.
New materials are available for crowns on the back teeth that combine aesthetics with strength. Now the patient has the option of no metal in their crowns without compromising structural integrity. The grayish appearance at the gum line due to the metal understructure is no longer present. Instead, the tooth is restored to a more natural appearance.
These advances in dentistry has made it easier and provided many more options for the patient to attain the smile of their dreams.

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