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Marie Lopiano, LE
Advancements In Non-Surgical Body Contouring and Fat Reduction
Cellulite Solutions

Advancements In Non-Surgical Body Contouring and Fat Reduction

Have a little bulge here and a little bulge there that just won't respond to reasonable diets andexercise programs?
Not mentally prepared for surgical procedures or not able to take time off from your fast paced lifestyle for surgical downtime?
The solution may be Lipodissolve. Lipodissolve is a surgery-free body contouring procedure that effectively and safely reduces unsightly fat deposits in men and women. What's more, Lipodissolve delivers results that can actually be measured.
With advancing technology and newly developed protocols patients are now able to achieve significant results without the downtime of liposuction. The novel approach to body contouring combines the sophistication of Velasmooth with the power of Lipodissolve.
On the cutting edge in the rapidly expanding field of body sculpting is the VelaSmooth from Syneron, a modern, non-invasive treatment that utilizes an innovative approach to reducing cellulite and leaving skin smoother and less dimpled. The treatment combines infrared light and radio frequencies along with mechanical massage and vacuum suction to manipulate fatty tissue, resulting in cellulite reduction and improved circulation to the area.
The VelaSmooth is safe for any kind of skin and particularly effective on large areas of the body such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks or upper arms. The initial treatment consists of 16 sessions over eight weeks with each session lasting 45 minutes to an hour. Best of all, there's no down time. Patients can resume normal activity immediately after the treatment.
The integration of Lipodissolve injections to the Velasmooth regimen significantly increases the results of body contouring. The Lipodissolve procedure, pioneered by Dr. Patricia Rittes, is a formulation containing phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate (PCDC). The PCDC solution is injected directly into the localized fat deposits that are unresponsive to diet and exercise. Immediately following the treatment, the body's natural processes clear away the disrupted fat cells
The active substance in Lipodissolve isphosphatidylcholine, a natural, effective and safe compound produced from soy beans. Patients have the reassurance that after a Lipodissolve treatment, complications are extremely rare and the results are permanent (assuming an individual's weight remains stable). Equally important, clinical reviews along with tens of thousands of treatments endorse the safety and effectiveness of the Lipodissolve solution.
Areas that have been responsive to Lipodissolve include under the jaw (“double chin”), sides of jaw line (“jowls”), mid back (“bra rolls”), waist, lower abdomen, sides of abdomen (“love handles”), under buttocks (“banana roll”), and outer thighs (“saddle bags”).
The number of treatments differs from person to person, depending upon body region and body size. As a rule, three treatments in intervals of four to six weeks are necessary to successfully complete the treatment. The treatment requires no downtime and the patient may return to work or resume modified daily activities directly after treatments. Typically, patients experience temporary swelling and soreness that diminishes over several days.
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