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Dennis Faludi, MD
Advanced Dermal Filler Techniques Gentle Treatment and Natural-Looking Results
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Advanced Dermal Filler Techniques Gentle Treatment and Natural-Looking Results

Dermal filler treatments can provide beautiful results for facial and hand rejuvenation, and they are one of the most frequently requested procedures in the field of aesthetic medicine. They are done in the office in under an hour, and results are seen immediately. Additionally, there is virtually no downtime for the patient.

With advanced dermal filler techniques and products, treatments can be customized to meet the needs of individual patients. It is now possible to perform nonsurgical facial and hand sculpting with dermal fillers; they restore lift and volume to achieve a more youthful appearance. Dermal filler treatments can be used to postpone or avoid a surgical facelift, and they are commonly used following a facelift for more natural-looking results.

It is important to understand that Botox and dermal fillers do not work in the same way. Botox works by neutralizing the muscles that cause wrinkles, whereas dermal fillers are volume replacers that help to restore and augment the soft tissues that support the face and hands.

There are three major categories of dermal fillers temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent. Temporary fillers, such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Belotero, generally last from eight months to two years. They are comprised of hyaluronic acid, a chemical that is naturally found throughout the human body.

Semi-permanent fillers, such as Radiesse and Sculptra, include substances that actively stimulate collagen formation. Their effects can last up to 18 months or longer. Permanent fillers, such as Bellafill, provide the most long-acting results. The choice of dermal filler depends on the patient's desired goals, the treatment areas, and the characteristics of the filler.

One of the most advanced techniques for injection of dermal fillers is the microcannula, which can be used for most dermal filler procedures. The microcannula has a slender blunt tip that gently pushes aside nerves and vessels instead of penetrating them, and it has side openings from which the dermal filler flows. This technique allows for great precision and results in a minimally invasive procedure with little to no bruising. It also provides natural-looking results because it can usually be accomplished with one entry point, and it allows the clinician to follow the natural architecture of the face as the filler is injected.

Dermal filler treatments can be effective for both younger and older adults. Older men and women are more interested in rejuvenation and correction, while younger patients are generally more interested in enhancement. When dermal fillers are used appropriately, patients are delighted to see their appearance refreshed in a way that looks completely natural.

As with any medical cosmetic treatment, either surgical or non-surgical, we advise you to research dermal filler products and techniques, as well as the experience and education of the clinician you are considering to perform your procedure. Do not be afraid to ask questions. It is important to be well-informed before undergoing any medical procedure.

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