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Hema Sundaram, MA, MD, FAAD
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Part 2 Rejuvenating Your Eyes Non-Invasively

Every now and then, a patient turns poet during a consultation with me. Its invariably to recite that old adage about the eyes being the window to the soul, followed by the puzzled question “Why dont my eyes look the same any more?”
Its actually the frame for your eyes your upper and lower eyelids that changes with age, due to volume loss, overactive muscles and loss of skin elasticity. These changes cause under-eye bags; sinking, flattened eyebrows; and wrinkled, sagging eyelids.
Aging around your eyes can be reversed with new techniques that harness your skins own capacity to rejuvenate itself. These quick-recovery, scar-free techniques are essential to achieve a truly younger look, and may allow you to avoid surgery. It is important that you select a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon to perform these advanced procedures.

Volume Replacement

I find that Restylane, a pure, biosynthetic form of the hyaluronic acid that naturally supports your skin, is the best treatment to banish under-eye hollows and bags. An expert surgeon injects Restylane slowly, gently and smoothly so that you experience little or no discomfort or bruising and can return to regular activities straight away. Your surgeon can also lift and restore the youthful contours of your face by layering Restylane over Perlane, the newest natural facial volumizer to be approved by the FDA. This non-invasive face lift tends to be more subtle and natural-looking than cheek implants and surgery. Recent studies show that specialized treatment techniques enable Restylane to stimulate permanent collagen formation in your skin, so that you achieve long-lasting results and always look better than you did before treatment.

Muscle Relaxation

Botox can be combined with Restylane to relax overactive muscles. This safely smoothes out crows feet, gives you an appealing, wide-eyed look and restores your eyebrow arches, while maintaining normal facial expressions and avoiding the tell-tale frozen face. The safety of Botox has been established by extensive studies and over a decade of use for myriad conditions including migraines, acid reflux and “lazy eye” in children.

Skin Tightening

Lux 1540 fractional laser resurfacing is a revolutionary new technique, developed by the same scientists who developed the Fraxel laser, that takes years off you by eliminating wrinkles and skin discolorations and restoring skin luster, with little or no down time. Treatment is virtually painless and causes mild skin pinkness and minimal swelling for one to four days. Women can wear make-up after the first day.

Final Touches

The final component of your rejuvenation strategy lies in the hands of an experienced aesthetician. Skilled eyebrow shaping and tinting of your brows and lashes offset drooping eyelids and enhance definition of your eyes.
Our literature through the ages is full of odes to the eyes. Though Ive yet to read any verses that praise eyelids, I do receive plenty of appreciation from patients when Ive restored that all-important frame to their eyes and “made me look like myself again”. Perhaps our poets were wrong It is not the eyes that have it but the eyelids.
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