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George Bitar, MD
21st Century Anti-Aging Wellness Institute
Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute
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21st Century Anti-Aging Wellness Institute

We live in an age of contradictions with popular extreme makeover shows, yet the epidemic of obesity has reached an all-time high. The stress of everyday life, pollutants in the air, the temptation of fast food, and lack of time for exercise are all challenges that confront us daily. Because of these factors and the desire of people to be healthier and look and feel younger, advancements in science have spawned a new type of wellness institute.
The causes and treatment of aging, the use of DNA coding, nutritional improvements and overall health and appearance have become the focus of the modern wellness institute. First of all, a “wellness institute” should deliver on a promise; improve a persons well being from the inside out. This includes several areas of emphasis.
There is great news on a program called Suracell. It is a new DNA-based age management program. This ground-breaking product is the result of extensive research and the recent mapping of the human genome. The program was developed by one of the worlds leading experts on anti-aging medicine and consists of three parts genetic DNA testing, high density nutrition and targeted genetic nutraceuticals specific for you, as a unique individual. This revolutionary system is addressing aging based on solid science and clinical experience. By having a DNA analysis, it may be possible to influence how the genome acts is the aging process.
Fitness and exercise go hand and hand to help you with toning up and losing those extra pounds. A certified nutritionist can create for you a balanced nutrition regimen that will suit your hurried lifestyle.
Skin care is also a must for regular healthy maintenance and to fight the aging process and environmental factors. State-of-the-art medically directed skin care services are part of the wellness institute experience.
Cosmetic improvements are also available. There is Botox to decrease facial wrinkles and Restylane to fill facial folds and create luscious lips. Lasers for hair removal, vein treatments and skin rejuvenation will also improve those unwanted conditions with no down-time or pain. Cosmetic dentistry including veneers and teeth whitening are definite assets. A professional image consultant and life coach is also a great way to help you achieve a look that brings out the best in you.
If you are ready for cosmetic surgery and are a good candidate, you may want to consider some of those procedures as well. The modern 21st century wellness institute can serve your needs; including anti-aging, exercise, nutrition, cosmetic enhancements and dentistry, plastic surgery, coaching and more to help you live healthier, happier and keep you looking and feeling young.
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