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Ron Klein, MCS, NBCCH
Ultimate New Year's Resolutions – 7 Keys To Making the Changes You Really Want
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Ultimate New Year's Resolutions – 7 Keys To Making the Changes You Really Want

For most people, making New Year resolutions are a lot like wishing on a star. But, what if you learned the “7 Keys” to keeping your New Years resolutions and making the personal changes you want?

Would you make the changes needed to feel fit, and full of vitality? Would you become a confident public speaker? Would you want to manage your stress? How about improving your relationships with friends and family? Do you want to stop smoking? What new habits would you want to pursue on a daily basis? You know what results you want, the question is, how do you go about actually getting them?

Youll want to answer these questions before you begin to use the “7 Keys” Are you worth the effort? Are you worth the time youll invest on you? And finally, the ultimate New Years resolution begins with a simple question “What do you want?”

Here are the “7 Keys” for creating empowering results-oriented resolutions that will strengthen your commitment to getting what you want. Getting and staying committed to what you want, will lead to a lifetime of personal achievement and satisfaction.

1. State your resolutions in positive, future-oriented language.
2. Create your resolutions around your own behaviors.
3. Describe your resolutions by using very specific behavioral terms.
4. Make your resolutions realistic and achievable.
5. Make sure your resolutions dont conflict with your values.
6. State your resolutions without equivocation.
7. If any of your resolutions seem daunting or overwhelming, you are thinking too big. Chunk it down to doable steps. Instead of, “Im going to lose 40 pounds by my birthday,” say, “Im going to eat small nutritious meals by following a daily meal plan.”

Visualize your future as having fulfilled each resolution. See, and then imagine, experiencing the short term and long-term rewards for each one. Imagine it in your mind as if you were already achieving them one by one, and the satisfaction you feel as you accomplish your goals.

You might also ask yourself some additional questions along the way to accomplish your resolutions

What are my steps and timetable for completion?
What are my action items? How often will I engage in these actions?
Who else will be involved and what do I want them to do?
How will I know I am making progress? What are the milestones?
Once I have the result I want, how do I make it even better?

Now that you know how to create well-formed resolutions, go for it. Dont let negative, pessimistic self-talk get in your way. Decide you are going to get the results you want, dont take “no” for an answer, and commit yourself to all your resolutions with passion, vigor, and enthusiasm.

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