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Ming Xu, LAc, DOAM
What Is Qi?
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What Is Qi?

What Is Qi?

According to Yellow Empires Internal Medicine (黄帝内), (from 2,500 years ago), Qi is an ancient Chinese character that indicates that everything which exists in nature has its own Qi. Qi is a cycle that gives birth and ends life. It is the flowing of matter/energy.

Is Qi a Religious Term?

Qi has nothing to do with religion. It is a description of nature, called the Yin-Yang Theory, Qi is the Yang, which is based on the flowing force in nature, and includes the study of astrology, human physical-mind with medicine, and the interaction between humans and nature. The Cycle Time of Nature combines the Orbiting of Five Elements with the Six Flowing Qi(五运六气). The five elements are: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. The six Qi’s are the relationship that indicates their transformation/translation between the five elements. They primarily form the Yin-Yang Theory called the Law of the Universe.

Following the Cycle Time of Nature, along with the flowing of Qi (), can be smooth or distracted, or determinate; therefore, it can give well-being, disease, or the end of life. In this view, the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasizes maintaining the harmony of the natural force and man, infinitely (called Taiji 太极)。

What Is Qi In Nature?

In nature, Sun-qi contributes towards photosynthesis and provides vitamin D for human growth.

Moon-qi provides the gravitational tide which affects women’s menstrual cycle.

Earth-qi, such as the 24-jieqi ( solstice) records the orbiting of earth around the sun. Each 15-degree increment indicates the change of the earth Qi which brings different seasons. Different seasons have their own features and characteristics that show different phases of nature, including health conditions for humans, such as allergies or lung disease, which often occur when the east wind fills up the spring Qi. Arthritis becomes severe because of the northern chillness bringing over winter Qi. Heat stroke happens when the hot summer Qi attacks. Dryness of the skin usually shows up among the autumn Qi.

Today, many studies call Qi life force, energy, bio-electric energy, vital force, work energy, etc.

Some Qi is visible so that humans can see it thoroughly. Things such as light are all visible to us. However, some of them are invisible, such as radio waves, sound waves, magnetic waves, etc.

Some creatures can have more ability than others to see or sense more Qi in nature.

Modeling technology gives humans a better ability to see or sense far universe Qi and monocular cell life force.

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