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Brittney de Vicq, MAc, LAc
Essential Oils and Acupuncture
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Essential Oils and Acupuncture

Essential Oils and Acupuncture

Essential oils are an ancient and recently popular modality used in holistic healing. The tradition of using essential oils in healing can be found around the world in many ancient cultures. Recently there has been a surge in the interest of using essential oils for physical health and emotional well being.

Acupuncture and essential oils make a wonderful combination. The use of oils on acupuncture points and meridians can create a profound healing experience. Each oil has an energetic quality and when they are paired with the appropriate acupuncture point they can create a powerful healing response.

The essential oils can be used to relax, stimulate, warm or cool. For example, lavender, a well known essential oil, can be used for a variety of ailments. Lavender has a pleasant pungent odor and when used on the appropriate acupuncture points it can calm headaches, relieve muscle spasms and alleviate anxiety. The quality of the Lavender essential oil is relaxing and cooling. It moves the physiological symptom through the acupuncture point and meridian as opposed to suppressing it.

The essential oil can be applied on an acupuncture point during an acupuncture treatment. A small drop of oil is applied topically on one or more points as part of the acupuncture treatment. Essential oil blends can also be custom made for a client so that they may use the oils at home to continue the treatment. The acupuncturist can create a custom blend of several different oils specific to the client’s health issue and then the client can apply the oil twice a day for usually two weeks.

It is very important to work with an acupuncturist who has received proper training in using essential oils in relationship with acupuncture. It is also important to use essential oils that have been made using the highest standards. The quality of the oil is paramount to receiving a good effect from the treatment.

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