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Rachel Strass, DOM, LAc
Acupuncture and Mindfulness
Spirit Point Healing
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Acupuncture and Mindfulness

Ever wonder why, as a society, we approve of some character traits and disapprove of others? In Chinese Medicine, we look to the law of the five elements to explain the different kinds of energy that exist in reality. It is a map, based on nature, which teaches us what is useful and what is not. Aspects in balance are valued, whereas those out of balance are seen as destructive. While we may not see where our beliefs come from, they still influence us.

Looking at the big picture, anything in balance can lead to a state of imbalance if untended. For example, determination is a state of mind which, when put into practice, becomes tenacity, something we consider to be admirable. Tenacity, however, when it continues past the point of worthwhile achievement, becomes stubbornness. We value tenacity and disapprove of stubbornness because the latter is representing a state of imbalance.

This points to the cycle of thoughts and actions. Thoughts can lead to practices, which can lead to habits, which can reinforce our unconscious beliefs about life. Each step is less mindful.

As the above example shows, tenacity can transform into stubbornness if not tempered by the ability to see what is happening and let go when something no longer serves. This is how a good kid grows up to become an empty adult. It is like a young orchard that isn’t held to a plan. It starts with great prospects, but weeds encroach and strangle. Bad habits and bad role models can twist a life from hope to despair. This is just one example of why good parenting cannot be overstated. Without someone to envision the plan, put up the fence, and drive out the pests, a garden cannot thrive.

This is where acupuncture is powerful, consciously seeing the plan and trimming out overflows of Qi while nourishing and protecting weak areas. Over time, just as a well cared for garden flourishes and becomes beautiful, so does a well tended person. Acupuncture can be the good gardener for whomever makes use of it.

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