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Latest Articles

Lose Weight Non-Surgically With a Weight Loss Balloon

The Orbera Intragastric Balloon (IGB) is made to help you eat less and lose weight, without surgery. The IGB has been proven to help patients… Continue Reading

The Dental Health and the Human Body

Most of us are completely unaware that the condition of our teeth – the dentition – directly correlates to our overall health. When our teeth… Continue Reading

Are You Trying, and Failing, To Lose Weight?

Many people struggle with weight issues. But what is important to know is that it is not your fault, it is not a sign of… Continue Reading

Is Bad Breath Ruining Your Life?

Do people rub under their nose when you come close? Move, or just turn away a bit? Offer you gum or mints? If so, you… Continue Reading

An Introduction To Traditional Chinese Medicine

The holistic approach for personalized health care using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has rapidly grown since the 2019 pandemic. There are many questions to be… Continue Reading

Elena Bolling, BSN, RN, CHPN

How the Hospice Honeymoon Helps Patients Leave Behind A Legacy

When people first become hospice patients, they often enter a stage where they can get better. Perhaps before they were confused or exceptionally weak. A… Continue Reading

Tips for Caring for Elderly Parents at Home

Here are some tips for making the most of this new chapter in your life. Have Regular Conversations and Check-Ins One of the most important… Continue Reading

Best Strains For ADHD and Anxiety

In the world of medical marijuana, many doctors have identified the best strains for ADHD and anxiety in Maryland for patients interested in their options…. Continue Reading

COPD: Part 2

Making Breathing Difficult For Millions of Americans At first, COPD may cause no symptoms or only mild symptoms. As the disease gets worse, symptoms usually… Continue Reading

Corns and Calluses: Part Two

Last month’s article focused on the symptoms and diagnosis of corns and calluses. This month’s article will focus on prevention and treatment. Prevention In most… Continue Reading

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