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Kristal Hall, HLCP, MPC

Glamorous Styles Hair Studio

Glamorous Styles Hair Studio
4410 Stamp Road
Suite #105
Temple Hills, MD 20748

Promising Excellence in Everything We Do

Kristal Hall is a Board Certified Master Cosmetologist & Certified Trichologist Practitioner in Maryland.  Her Clinical-Spa, Complete Hair Solutions examines and studies hair loss therapies, scalp disorders and restoration on a holistic natural level.  This is an added branch from her full-service hair salon Glamourous Styles Hair Studio, located in Temple Hills, Md.  GSHS has proudly served the Temple Hills community for more than  15 years. 

Throughout her career Kristal has always had an overwhelming calling for healthy hair care.  She has spent dedicated and countless continuing education hours studying the relationship of hair care, product knowledge and premier hair styling.  Even though she has a successful and retentive client base, she has always felt something deeper was pulling her in a slightly different direction.  “I was tired of seeing issues of hair loss and scalp disorders and not being able to do anything positive about it, It’s a defeating experience to practice what you love for more than 20 years and can’t help the one’s that matter the most.” This has her driving factor to bridge the gap for quality hair care.

  • Board Certified Master Cosmetologist
  • Certified Trichologist- USTI
  • Certified Trichologist-American Medical Certification Association
  • Certified Hair Loss Control Practitioner- IAT, USTI
  • Certified Holistic Practitioner- TOAM, TX
  • Certified “Eyes On Cancer” Specialist
  • Certified Lucas-cide Safe Space
  • Certified Officially Barbicide
  • Master’s of Professional Cosmetology- Institute of Cosmetology, Washington D.C.
  • Hair loss Education Column Writer-Your Health Magazine, 2018
MD (301) 805-6805 | VA (703) 288-3130