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AIDS Healthcare Foundation

AIDS Healthcare Foundation
6255 Sunset Boulevard
21st Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90028

For over 30 years, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has been committed to providing cutting-edge medicine to people living with HIV/AIDS. In February 1991, AHF opened its first healthcare center. Their goal was to offer a safe, welcoming environment to help manage illnesses related to HIV/AIDS. Twenty-seven years later, AHF now operates more than 450 clinics in over 40 countries.

AHF Healthcare Centers provide advanced medical care designed specifically for HIV positive clients. Their providers are knowledgeable of up-to-the minute developments in HIV medical care. This gives clients access to additional specialists, medications, and the services they need to be as healthy as possible.

AHF Healthcare centers offer the most accurate testing procedures and therapies available today. By employing some of the latest medical research to curb the spread of HIV, AHF continues to demonstrate its commitment to delivering personalized, cutting-edge care for all of their patients.

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