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Jim Bland, Director
Why The Bathroom Is The Most Dangerous Room In The Home For Seniors…
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Why The Bathroom Is The Most Dangerous Room In The Home For Seniors…

…and how to make it safer

According to the CDC and the National Council for Aging Care falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries for seniors today! And for those who do survive, 50% never regain their independence resulting in them losing their ability to live at home, participate in activities, or enjoy the quality of life they had prior to falling.

Over 85% of these falls occur in the bathroom while trying to climb in and out of the old antiquated climb over bathtub, loosing balance when using the toilet, or simply slipping as a result of inadequate slippery flooring.

Fortunately, so many of these falls are preventable by making some home modifications such as replacing the climb over bathtub with a safe and beautiful walk in shower or walk in tub, installing grab or flip bars at toilets, and having slippery flooring treated with non-slip applications or replaced with non-slip flooring.

In addition to saving lives or preserving a senior’s wellbeing, these modifications can also be a good investment as today’s home buyers prefer a walk-in shower over a bathtub. According to HGTV homeowners who update their bathrooms recoup more than the investment. Updated homes are also much easier to sell.

Updating your old climb over tub to a safe and beautiful walk in shower can be done by Long Baths without major interruptions in your daily routine, as most jobs are completed in one day.

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