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Methods Of Medical Marijuana Consumption
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Methods Of Medical Marijuana Consumption

Methods Of Medical Marijuana Consumption

Medical marijuana is able to alleviate chronic pain, discomfort, and other symptoms associated with a number of medical conditions. In fact, medical marijuana consumption is prescribed as an alternative medication when traditional therapies have been ineffective or caused too many side effects.

Here’s what you need to know about the various methods of medical marijuana consumption.

Smoking Medical Cannabis

Smoking medical cannabis involves placing a portion of dried cannabis flower in a pipe, water pipe, or rolling paper and lighting it with a flame in order to inhale the smoke.

Some of the key advantages of smoking medical marijuana are: It works quickly, is cost-effective, and is minimally processed. It also allows patients to easily regulate their dosing.

However, smoking has a negative effects on the lungs, it’s not a good option for people with pulmonary damage, and the residual smell of smoke on the individual.

Vaporizing Medical Cannabis

In order to vaporize cannabis, patients will need to pre-heat their vaporizer, insert dried cannabis flower, press a button to activate, and inhale.

Vaping works well because it provides instant effects, it’s not as harsh on lungs, and doesn’t leave behind as much of a smell of smoke.

Nevertheless, this method of medical marijuana consumption can also be expensive, and the device requires pre-heating and recharging of batteries.

Edible Medical Marijuana

Edible medical marijuana products can be incorporated into some of your favorite foods including cookies, popcorn, crackers, nut mixes, lollipops, ice cream, gummy bears, chocolate bars, and chews.

Edible forms of medical marijuana are long-lasting effects, there’s zero inhalation, and they offer precise dosing.

It can take between 30 minutes to several hours for edibles to take effect, they provide a different high than inhalation, and they must be properly stored away from children and pets that could accidentally ingest them.

Medical Marijuana Tinctures and Sublingual Sprays

Tinctures and sublingual sprays are derived from cannabinoids that are mixed into an alcohol, glycerin solution, or coconut oil. The mixture is then sprayed underneath the tongue and absorbed through oral tissues.

This way of administering medical marijuana is often recommended because it does not affect the lungs, is easy to control dosing, especially for small amounts, and causes only a mild high.

However, this method of consumption can become expensive for individuals requiring larger doses. They also work faster than edibles, but not as quickly as inhalation.

Other Forms Of Medical Marijuana Consumption

Medical cannabis transdermal patches, medical marijuana suppositories, medical marijuana topicals, ingesting fresh medical cannabis, medical marijuana beverages, and dabbing medical marijuana.

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